Frugal Beer

Yes, drinking beer is fun. The prices aren’t. If you’re like me and like to venture out into the “real world” every now and then to enjoy your libations, you want good, cheap beer. For most of us, that’s going to happy hour! It can be a tricky thing, this happy hour, every hangout’s special is different and it is held at different times. Confuse yourself no more! For I have found the light for us frugal drinkers –

This holy site of beer drinkers uses Google Maps API to sketch out neighborhoods in your city. You can click on each neighborhood where they sidebar will update itself with local restaurants and bars, their happy hour time, and their happy hour special. The site was created by a bunch of friends in Portland, OR whose mission it is to provide the best happy hour information to the web.

Unfortunately, the site only serves Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Columbus, OH. Luckily, I’m in Columbus, OH so I’ll at least get some use out of it :P. However, they do plan to add more cities as time goes on. The site is a good idea and I’m sure if you send some love their way, they’ll try to hurry to add more cities. I applaud these frugal beer drinkers for helping me reduce the damage to my wallet.