Points to Consider when Hiring Roofing Contractors

Calgary roofing contractorsWhether you are having a new home built or are just in need of major repairs, roofing companies are the ones to hire when it comes roof-related work.  This is the type of work that Calgary roofing contractors are very good at which is the very reason why they are the must hire when it comes to roof installation and repairs.  They have been in this business for many years and have built a solid reputation as being very good at what they do.  They are very highly recommendable as customer satisfaction is one of the things they aim to provide.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor but do not live in the area where Calgary roofing contractors operate, here are some pointers to look for when hiring roofing contractors:

Reputation – it is important that the roofing company you hire has very good reputation.  This is a crucial matter because contractors with very good reputation mean they do their job well and will have built their good reputation through many years of good service.

Experience – another thing that is equally important with having a good reputation is experience.  After all, what good is a good reputation if they cannot provide the good service you are looking for?  Fortunately, most roofing contractors with very solid reputation will also have workers that are seasoned in doing this type of work.  Their many years of experience in this trade will allow them to tackle nearly any roofing problem very efficiently.

Price – we all know that price makes a big difference in everything these days.  Since the roof of your home is also an investment, you would not want to go with those who estimate the job at very low price.  It is either they will be cutting corners to keep a profit, or that they will be using substandard materials in some areas just to be able to make profit from their low asking price.  Getting a more reliable and trustworthy contractor will be the best.

Insurance and Bonding – a properly licensed roofer will have insurance and bonding as these are some of the things that experience or highly knowledgeable clients are looking for.  Insurance and bonding serves as your protection as a client so it is important to look for these. If a roofer is not equipped with this, it is better to simply walk away than be sorry later on.

Warranty – a new roof that gets installed or repairs that have been made should have some form of warranty.  Material flaws or faulty installation should have warranties.  Although different products and styles will have different warranties, it is important that the contractor show you the information regarding warranties.

Answering Yahoo

Occasionally I go to Yahoo! Answers to read the questions that various users submit, mostly with personal finance. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dumb questions and a lot more questions about working from home (which can be as equally dumb). However, every now and then you get a gem that I like to try to answer. The following is a question that I feel many people can relate to unfortunately.

I have a large debt to the irs, a garnishment on my wages and at least another 10,000 in other debt. I was just laid off of my second full time job, although I am looking for another………… what services or other options do I have to fix these issues. Between the garnishment, and the irs debt I cant make it on just one job.

Sadly, most people can be insensitive and quickly judge this person for all of the wrong reasons. Of course, getting a job or stop spending would be the easy answer. For a person in this situation, that’s not the full answer.

First, wage garnishment isn’t pretty. According to the government, garnishment is usually ordered by a court and cannot exceed 25% of a person’s disposable income (net income). My advice on this would be to talk with the IRS and see if a more agreeable settlement option can be made.

At least in the state of Ohio, where I live, they offer a program to settle debt if you face certain conditions. These conditions are economic hardship or doubt of collectability. It’s always worth a shot to try to explain things from your point of view.

As for finding someone to help you with your issues, you should contact the NFCC – The National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They can put you in touch with local companies that provide credit counseling services. They would be more experienced with such issues that you have and could offer you better and more personalized advice than I can.