Update on the College Cost Reduction Act

Just before I left work today I checked my RSS feeds for some updates. Being the nerd I am, I happen to subscribe to the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor RSS feed… (probably 1 of 2 people who do). I also got a nice email from a staff member of the committee (probably 1 of 2 readers of the blog -I’m the other one) letting me know what the vote was and that they put together some videos.

I was happy to see that the House passed the bill 273-149.If you aren’t sure what the college cost reduction act is, I put up a post a while back which highlights some key points. You can also check out the nice summary page at the committee’s website. For anyone with debt or who will be going to college, this is great news as it gives you a lot more advantages to federal loans than what I had when I entered. I also let the staff member know that he should get the representatives to forgive outstanding debt to us bloggers.