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ARM Youselves For More Foreclosures

I wrote an article yesterday about adjustable rate mortgages comparing them to a fixed rate mortgage and the number of foreclosures. CNN posted a new article today detailing the effects of what is going to happen when the ARMs reset their rates. From the article: The result: increased foreclosures and forced sales, flooding the market […]

The 3 must haves of estate planning

Everyone needs an estate plan. I don’t care how old you are, how young you are, how rich or how poor you are. You need to protect yourself and your family. Do you want your family to be on the news like Terry Schiavo? Without some form of protection, decisions made after you’re gone or […]

Have Too Much Money? ConGRATs

Here’s a little article for those of you with too much money. What’s my definition of too much money? Well, lets say you’re in retirement and have investment assets that will put you way over the top of the estate tax. Lets say you want to minimize your estate tax but also want to maximize […]

Keeping The Rich White Man Down!

Did you know that certain private equity firms and hedge funds only have to pay 15% on their capital gains? Shouldn’t firms like Blackstone and Fortress Investment Group have to pay 35% like every other law abiding corporation? I think so and so does the government. Congress is currently considering a bill that would close these […]

What rate? OMG, I’m confused!

I am trying to set up a debt reduction plan where I pay off the account with the highest interest rate first, then move to the next highest, etc. My question is, which interest rate on my credit card statement do I use for this prioritization? There’s an Annual Percentage Rate and an Effective Percentage […]

How much do you need in retirement?

Sure, you’ve heard that you need just $1 million to retire comfortably. That may be the case for many people, however, that’s a very generalized number. It doesn’t take into account your personal situation or the kind of life you want to live while in retirement. This post will try to teach and examine what […]

7 tips to saving more on apartments

Ah, moving season again. It seems like every year I’m moving into a new apartment. As an avid apartment dweller since 2002 I have seen many apartments – some good, some utterly horrible. Here’s some advice on how to save some money when looking for an apartment and just some general thoughts on the issue. […]

Don’t Twist My ARM!

You know them, you’ve heard it in the news. Adjustable rate mortgages. With the rising rate of foreclosures, why would anyone want an ARM? That’s a good question with many different reasons. Personally, an ARM would be my last resort. Unfortunately, too many people are duped by lenders or their own lack of knowledge to […]

Update on the College Cost Reduction Act

Just before I left work today I checked my RSS feeds for some updates. Being the nerd I am, I happen to subscribe to the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor RSS feed… (probably 1 of 2 people who do). I also got a nice email from a staff member of the committee […]